Wimbledon Common

A warm, though cloudy day, +18° C. Been to Wimbledon Common, or Putney Heath to be more exact.
Saw a Sargus bipunctatus soldier fly, but couldn’t take a photo. Also saw some yellow-and-black slow-flying fly, which escaped without a more precise ID.

Udea ferrugalis crambid moth, saw quite a few of those:


Birch catkin bugs (Kleidocerys resedae) are everywhere:


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Wimbledon Common

An overcast, warm day, +20° C. Been to Wimbledon Common.

Not much around, but the Mint patch is busy with flies and wasps.
Phasia hemiptera female, a parasitoid of shieldbugs:


Misumena vatia crab spider was taking advantage of that:


Wimbledon Common

At last, after three weeks of crappy weather, a sunny, hot day, +30° C. Been to Wimbledon Common.

Marbled Whites (Melanargia galathea) appear to have established there:


Got a very dark Rutpela maculata longhorn. When I first caught it, I even thought it was Anoplodera sexguttata!


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Wimbledon Common

A warm, sunny day, +22° C. Been to Wimbledon Common.

Hogweed starts its flowering season and attracts a lot of stuff, like this Stenurella melanura longhorn beetle:


Lots of green-eyed Anthophora bimaculata feed on Bramble flowers. Very skittish and hard to shoot:


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