What was a warm sunny morning turned into a cloudy afternoon with a wall of rain later. +20° C.
Wanted to check out Barnes Wetland Centre, but it turned out to be badly infested with humans, with an entry fee of £15! Went to the nearby Putney Lower Common instead.
Deteriorated weather wasn’t enough for Providence to put on my plate, so:
1) Just as I crouched to make a photo of one of the beetles, my shorts ruptured in the crotch! Had to walk in small steps on my way home.
2) A seagull crapped on my hair and my shirt! I now sit in clean clothes after a nice shower, but I’ll still be hating seagulls for some time now.

Putney Lower Common turned out to be a nice place with a lot of potential. I’ll definitely pay it a visit in better weather.

Chequered Click-beetle (Prosternon tessellatum):


Chrysolina oricalcia leaf beetles were common on Cow Parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris):


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