Wimbledon Common

A warm, though cloudy day, +18° C. Been to Wimbledon Common, or Putney Heath to be more exact.
Saw a Sargus bipunctatus soldier fly, but couldn’t take a photo. Also saw some yellow-and-black slow-flying fly, which escaped without a more precise ID.

Udea ferrugalis crambid moth, saw quite a few of those:


Birch catkin bugs (Kleidocerys resedae) are everywhere:


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Hutchinson’s Bank

A warm, partially cloudy day, +20° C. Been to Hutchinson’s Bank in New Addington.

There is an introduced population of Glanville Fritillary (Melitaea cinxia) at the site, maintained by local enthusiasts, which was my primary goal.
Mission accomplished:


Small Blues (Cupido minimus) are frequent:


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Wimbledon Common

An overcast, warm day, +20° C. Been to Wimbledon Common.

Not much around, but the Mint patch is busy with flies and wasps.
Phasia hemiptera female, a parasitoid of shieldbugs:


Misumena vatia crab spider was taking advantage of that:


Wimbledon Common

At last, after three weeks of crappy weather, a sunny, hot day, +30° C. Been to Wimbledon Common.

Marbled Whites (Melanargia galathea) appear to have established there:


Got a very dark Rutpela maculata longhorn. When I first caught it, I even thought it was Anoplodera sexguttata!


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Wimbledon Common

A warm, sunny day, +22° C. Been to Wimbledon Common.

Hogweed starts its flowering season and attracts a lot of stuff, like this Stenurella melanura longhorn beetle:


Lots of green-eyed Anthophora bimaculata feed on Bramble flowers. Very skittish and hard to shoot:


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