Wandle Meadow

At last a decent day after a cold week! +18° C and quite sunny.
I am having a cold right now, but couldn’t sit at home in this weather, so I went to Wandle Meadow. This place doesn’t stop to surprise me!

An Eupeodes ?lundbecki hoverfly, those are very difficult to ID:


Slender Groundhoppers (Tetrix subulata) appear to spread through London! I’ve never seen them at Wandle Meadow before, but today there was no shortage, and they were in a spot I always visit when I go to the place! Previously I’ve found them at Wimbledon Common — and now here!


There is a large Ash tree on the bank of River Wandle, that partly went down during one of the recent storms:


And right at its base I found two white-tailed bumblebee-mimic hoverflies chasing a somewhat bigger orange-tailed bumblebee-mimic hoverfly. I caught one of each type and they turned out to be Criorhina ranunculi — one of those hoverflies that breed in rotting wood. The surprising thing is that this species (Nationally Scarce, btw) is said to be associated with ancient woodland — and we are talking here about a disused sewage processing facility that was turned into a “nature park” (that is, left to overgrow, pretty much) a few decades ago! Nature adjusting?..


Other than that, just common stuff. Saw several Speckled Woods (Pararge aegeria), Holly Blues (Celastrina argiolus), Green-veined Whites (Pieris napi) and one Orange-tip (Anthocharis cardamines).
Also was quite surprised to see many Banded Demoiselles (Calopteryx splendens) flying already!

Lots of hoverflies. Platycheirus albimanus female:


Helophilus pendulus:


Myathropa florea of all sizes and brightness levels:



Syrphus sp.:


Sarcophaga sp. (is it identifiable from this photo?):


Anthomyiid flies abundant on Bramble and Wild Rose leaves:


And lots of Dock Bugs (Coreus marginatus) everywhere:





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