Ashtead Common

Another hot day, +32° C. Went to Ashtead Common.
Saw a male Purple Emperor (Apatura iris), which passed me by and flew off never to be seen again. I guess now is the time to pay Bookham another visit early in the morning 😉
White Admirals (Limenitis camilla) are also not infrequent.


Large Red Damselfy (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) is the only insect I managed to photograph on the site (although I did collect many moths to photograph at home):


And this, I believe, is Marsh Woundwort (Stachys palustris):


Bookham Common

The White Admiral (Limenitis camilla) I saw last time I’ve been to Bookham Common, couldn’t get off my mind, so Bookham’s where I went today.
A warm, mostly sunny day, +24° C.


Found an ovipositing female of Stictoleptura scutellata longhorn beetle on a felled Oak trunk (I didn’t know they have such long ovipositors):


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South Norwood Country Park and Hutchinson’s Bank

A hot, sunny day, +26° C.
Went to South Norwood Country Park to check out the flowering Hogweeds and try to catch the Cydia medicaginis tort for a photoshoot.
I guess I should have come earlier in the year for the latter, as the only one I got was already tattered. In any case, not much around at all 😦

Nemophora fasciella longhorn moth, quite a rare and local species:


Platystoma seminationis fly was not infrequent on Hogweeds:


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Elmbridge Common

A very warm, sunny day, +24° C. Been to Oxshott, spent most of the time on Elmbridge Common.
Surprisingly nothing of interest! And missed some photo opportunities as well:
1. Seen quite a lot of Welsh Chafers (Hoplia philanthus) pretty much in a single spot, probably males gathering to a calling female, but couldn’t get a shot.
2. Saw several Emperor Dragonflies (Anax imperator), but couldn’t get a shot.
3. Saw a couple of Beautiful Demoiselle damselflies (Calopteryx virgo), but couldn’t get a shot.
It’s one of those days, yeah.

Lochmaea caprea leaf beetle:


Foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea) are in their prime:


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